Pond & Aquarium Installations

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Aquarium and Pond Installation and Maintenance

Build your dream pond or aquarium, with the help of Lynchford Aquatics in Farnborough.

Flawless pond installations

Ever dreamt of having a peaceful body of water in your garden or landscape? Lynchford Aquatics can help you explore endless options to create your ideal pond; one that complements your style and personality. A well-designed pond adds beauty and a sense of style to your home or office. Get in touch with us for bespoke pond or garden water feature installations in Hampshire.
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Our aquarium services

Our aquarium services

Our expertise doesn't end outside of your home or office. We also install aquariums for you as well as maintain your current ones. Please call if you have any queries for professional advice.
PondVac hire

PondVac hire

Looking for an easy way to restore your pond's beauty? Contact us! We can provide Oase PondVac for 3-4 days to help clean your pond. Be amazed by the outstanding results it can achieve.

Enhance the health of your pond or aquarium

Taking care of your beautiful pond does not have to be an impossible task. With the right tools and guidance, maintaining your pond can be quite simple. At Lynchford Aquatics, we offer a wide range of pond accessories and equipment that can improve pond aesthetics and pond health. We offer:
• Lighting and electrical
• Skimmers
• External filters and pressure filters
• Pond fish food
• Planting
• Vacuums and pumps
• UV Sterilisers
• Water care and treatment
• Decorative accessories and more
"I couldn't live, or rather my fish couldn't live, without the advice and support of the staff at Lynchford. They have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to answer any questions I have no matter how silly my questions are. They always have what I need and if ever I want livestock they haven't got they will get it for me. The livestock are always healthy and well cared for and their tanks are always so clean and well maintained."
Satisfied client
Looking at buying livestock?
For bespoke water features:
Call us now on 01252 542 951
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