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Stunning livestock for your aquarium

At Lynchford Aquatics in Farnborough we stock a variety of fish species and aquatic plants, sure to make your aquarium or fish tank mesmerising.

Rare and exotic fish

Choosing the right fish is not an easy job if you don't have a professional aquarist by your side. At Lynchford Aquatics, we have an extensive selection of healthy, colourful and exotic aquatic livestock for your marine, pond, tropical or cold water aquarium. If you don't know what fish to add to your existing aquarium, our expert aquarists can help you create a harmonious ecosystem. Contact us if you're located in Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire.

Want to add a new fish to your aquarium?
Lot of factors weigh in while choosing aquatic livestock for your aquarium. Whether you're considering your first goldfish or aquatic plants for your pond system, you can depend on us to provide comprehensive fish information and products to create a balanced aquarium. Visit Lynchford Aquatics in Farnborough today!

Need an aquarium?
Marine fish

Marine fish

Choose from a great selection of healthy marine fish for your saltwater aquarium. We refresh our stock from the Tropic Marine Centre.
• Anthias
• Batfish
• Blennies
• Boxfish and Puffers
• Butterflies
• Clownfish
• Damsels
• Eels
• Filefish
• Gobies
• Angelfish
• Groupers
• Hawkfish
• Hogfish
• Parrot Wrasse
• Pipefish and Seahorses
• Pygmy Basslets
• Grammas
• Sweetlips
• Tangs
• Triggerfish
• Venomous
Tropical fish

Tropical fish

Create the perfect underwater community with our wide selection of fresh, healthy and vibrant tropical fish. Here are some of the popular species we provide:
• Barbs
• Botias and Loaches
• Catfish
• Cichlids
• Danios and Minnows
• Gourami
• Killifish
• Live bearers
• Rainbows
• Rasboras and Goodieds
• Sharks and Puffers
• Snails
• Crustaceans
• Tetras and more

Cold water fish

Cold water fish are very easy to care for. At Lynchford Aquatics, we can help you choose great fish varieties for your cold water fish tank. We provide:
• Goldfish
• Danios
• Loaches and more

Pond fish

Enhance the visual appeal of your pond with beautiful and vibrant pond fish. Their intriguing patterns and colours will add brilliance to your pond system. We provide:
• Koi Carp
• Grass Carp
• Ghost Carp
• Sturgeon
• Assorted Goldfish and more

Monitor the acidity of your aquarium water with our water care products: Call us now on 01252 542 951
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