Aquarium Equipment

Aquarium Equipment

Aquarium Equipment at Lynchford Aquatics

You will find all of the leading manufacturers with us in Farnborough.

Quality aquarium equipment

Just like any body of water, your aquarium is a mini-ecosystem of its own. At Lynchford Aquatics, we have everything you need to keep your aquarium working efficiently. Sorting out all of your aquarium accessories can be a bit difficult. You can depend on us to assemble the products you need, to enjoy a successful aquarium set-up.

Take care of your fish tank with:

• Air pumps and accessories
• CO2 systems
• External power filters
• Filter media
• Filter spares
• Heaters
• Lighting equipment and spares
• Service kits
• Adhesives and sealants
• Reactors
• Reverse Osmosis systems
• Skimmers
• UV sterilisers
• Impellors and shafts
• Power heads and spares
• O-rings and taps
• Diaphragms
• Feeding accessories and more
Ask us a question
 new filtration system

Looking for a spare part?

Is the air pump broken, or do you need a new filtration system? Get in touch with us! We have spare parts for all pieces of aquarium equipment. If you can't find it at our shop, you can approach us and we will order it for you as soon as possible.
O-rings and taps

Areas we serve

• Surrey
• Berkshire
• Hampshire
Make your aquarium unique and beautiful with us, based in Farnborough.

"Very professional staff with outstanding knowledge on all types of fish; marine, tropical, cold water and pond. The team are very helpful and answered every question that you may have regarding fish and tank set ups. I highly recommend these people and will continue to buy fish, plants and other products they sell."
Satisfied Client
Choose from a wide variety to food to meet your fish's dietary needs.
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